Uncertain Certainty ( Work in progress ) is a project that exists out of two series of images. 

In the first series I traveled to different parts of Europe in the search of raw, untouched landscapes without any trace of human intervention. These landscapes can be large scale or intimate and isolated. All the separate locations had no physical connection, what made it interesting to connect the selected images in an esthetic way. Quickly I noticed that this selection became a non existing world on it’s own. For me this world is an ideal place, a balance. This aspect opens up a conversation between, what is reality and what is fiction. 

The second series anticipates on this conversation. I was fascinated about conspiracy theories. These theories and the people who are researching them are often overlooked and considered absurd by outsiders. I started my own research on how we as humans can escape to the non existing world from the first series.

Uncertain Certainty leaves room for own interpretation and questions everything. It’s a friction between our fantasy and our human knowledge of reality.