Dajo Van den Bussche ( 1998, Bruges, BE ) is an emerging documentary and conceptual photographer based in Brussels, Belgium. Within the medium of photography he looks for certain changes within a landscape. The cause of these changes can be humane or merely natural.  



2018 - … Assistant Curator, Mu.ZEE, Ostend, BE

2017 - ... Luca School of Arts, BA in Photography, Brussels, BE   



2018 The Backlight Collective, Co founder, Bruges, BE


Solo Exhibitions

2018 I Don't Know What Tomorrow Will Bring, Bredene, BE

Group Exhibitions

2019 The Backlight Expo ( Upcoming ), Bruges, BE   

Selected Press

2018 The Backlight Collective, I Don’t Know What Tomorrow Will Bring, BE

2018 Newdawn Paper, 't Ooster ( WIP ), NL  



2018 't Ooster ( WIP ) - Dummy Book